Please see your advisor often!

Hopefully, these materials are useful as you progress towards your degree. However, be wary of self-advising. There might be new and emerging options open to you and not yet reflected in these documents.

More critically, your advisor is here as a resource to you.  Your advisor can help you customize this degree for you! They will also have a good idea about special scheduling constraints / opportunities.

  • What online choices exist? Will there be any Summer options?
  • What new developments can we expect in this major?
  • Is a particular course only offered during a certain semester?

To contact your advisor please use  (this will go to the Computer Science graduate advising team).

Click on a program to be taken to its Advising Materials page - where you can find relevant resources pertaining to the program such as program guides, course catalogs, and other useful information.

Masters of Science - Computer Science

Materials for students in the Masters of Science in Computer Science degree program.

Masters of Science - Cybersecurity

Materials for students in the new Masters of Science in Cybersecurity degree program.

Masters of Science - Data Science

Materials for students in the Masters of Science in Data Science degree program.

PhD in Data Science

Materials for students in the Data Science Ph.D. program.

Standard Graduate Schedules

All graduate students need to follow a presecribed course progression or standard schedule.  This is a program requirement.

Graduate Policies

Information on the policies of the Computer Science department as they apply to graduate students.

Graduate Certificates

View all of the Computer Science Department's Certificates of Graduate Studies from one place.

Course Catalog

All of the graduate courses offered by the Computer Science Department.