Computer Programming

Computer Programming

Computer Programming - U119

Add the CS edge in Computer Programming

Targeted population: students with majors in the entire general university population other than those offered by the Computer Science department with a keen interest and acumen in programming.

Must have strong analytical and logical skills.

Purpose: to increase student marketability by enhancing their technical skill set - specifically focused programming proficiencies. These proficiencies may be easily applied to each student's major disciplines and be beneficial when working in their specified fields

Educational Goals: to enable students to undertake a comprehensive study of the concepts and techniques necessary to analyze problems, understand requirements, develop algorithms and implement solutions using computer programming. Another goal is to gain experience with the entire programming life-cycle utilizing various programming languages.

Students seeking this CUGS will be required to complete a total of 4 courses. This CUGS is not available to Computer Science majors or Computing and Informatics majors.

Domain #1: Course Name Pre-Reqs S.H
CS 04113 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming None 3
CS 04103 Computer Science and Programming None 3
Domain #2:      
CS 01205 Computer Lab Techniques None 3
Domain #3:      
CS 04210 Advanced Programming Workshop None 3
Domain #4:      
CS 04225 Principles of Data Structures None 3
CS 10344 Concepts in Computing Technologies None 3
CS 10271 Introduction to Android Program None 3
CS 10275 Introduction to iOS Application Programming None 3

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