Fundamental Computing CUGS

Fundamental Computing CUGS

CUGS in Fundamental Computing

Add the CS edge in Fundamental Computing

Targeted population: students with majors in the entire general university population other than those offered by the Computer Science department. This CUGS is also open to non-matriculated students as long as all prerequisites are satisfied.

No previous experience or knowledge of computing technologies is required.

Purpose: to increase student marketability while helping to contend with and meet the challenges of students' current and future careers by providing a broad overview of key computing skills which are applicable and may be extended to almost every industry in the world today

Educational Goals: to gain exposure to and a general understanding of the diverse areas/domains to which computing can supplement a student's individual discipline and field:

  • Programming
  • Mobile Applications
  • Applied Computing Technologies
  • Network and Security

Students seeking this CUGS will be required to complete a total of 4 courses with 1 course from each of the 4 domains of computing. This CUGS is NOT available to Computer Science majors or Computing and Informatics majors.

Domain #1: Course Name Pre-Reqs S.H
CS 04113 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming None 3
CS 04103 Computer Science and Programming None 3
Domain #2:      
CS 01205 Computer Lab Techniques None 3
Domain #3:      
CS 04210 Advanced Programming Workshop None 3
Domain #4:      
CS 04225 Principles of Data Structures None 3
CS 10344 Concepts in Computing Technologies None 3
CS 10271 Introduction to Android Program None 3
CS 10275 Introduction to iOS Application Programming None 3
For more information please view the official program guide here.