Advising Materials & Tutoring

Advising Materials & Tutoring

Comparisons of Rowan Technology Programs

B.S. in Computer Science? B.A. in Computing and Informatics? B.S. in ECE? B.S. in MIS? Which program is right for you?

BA in Computing and Informatics

What does it take to fulfill the Bachelor of Arts degree?

BS in Computer Science

What does it take to fulfill the Bachelor of Science degree?

MS in Computer Science

Find out what you need to do to receive a Master of Science in CS.

Minor in Computer Science

Find out what classes are required to complete the minor in CS.


View the schedule for your subject, as well as the what tutors are available.

Who is my Advisor?

Find out who your advisor is by clicking here.

Department Overview

Click to see a power point overview of the CS Department!

Cyber Security

There are many courses in Computer Science related to Cyber Security, in areas such as Computer Forensics, Cryptography, Network Security, Secure Software, and Ethical Hacking.

Standard Course Syllabi

Click here to find the general syllabi for the courses offered by the Computer Science Department.

General Education Courses

See the general education courses that are available from the catalog.

Computer Science Courses

See the catalog for what courses are available in Computer Science.