Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Rowan University offers many different and diverse majors for our students. Come find out what our Computer Science programs entail to see if they are the right match for you!

Bachelor of Arts - Computing and Informatics

More applied computer science, less math and computer science theory. Programming, databases, networks...

Bachelor of Science - Computer Science

Algorithms, data structures, software design, programming language concepts, computer architecture...

Minor - Computer Science

You have the option of choosing another major but taking Computer Science as a minor.

Minor in Data Analytics

Interested in big data, statistics, or data mining? Add a Data Analytics minor to your degree!

Accelerated B.S. / M.S. Programs

Strong Computer Science students can earn a Masters degree in one additional year through one of our 2 Accelerated Masters (BS/MS) Programs.

Masters of Science - Computer Science

Take Computer Science to the next level with a Masters degree.

Masters of Science - Data Analytics

The departments of Computer Science and Mathematics co-sponsor a Masters Degree in Data Analytics.

Undergraduate Certificate Programs

Less intensive than a minor, you can earn a certificate in fundamental computing, computer programming, mobile apps, or cyber-security.

Graduate Certificate Programs

A graduate certificates can be obtained independently from a M.S. degree, or as part of the M.S. degree

Blockchain Technology

Interested in learning about Blockchain Technology? Want to learn more about transfering digital assets and cryptocurrency?