There is plenty of opportunity in the ever growing and rapidly expanding field of Computer Science. Here is where you can find several different internship and job openings from various different companies and from all over.

CS Jobs Mailing List
Another great way to discover new internship and job openings is through the CS Jobs Mailing list. The CS Jobs mailing list is an absolutely FREE email list set up by the Rowan University Computer Science Department where announcements about jobs in Computer Science fields are posted. Anyone can be added to the list but only certain people can send emails to the list.

There are always great opportunities listed and it never runs out!

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To add yourself to the list, send an email message to with the following line in the body (not subject) of your message:

"subscribe csjobs" ("unsubscribe csjobs" if you want to be taken off the list).

This is absolutely free to all Rowan students and alumni.


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Resume reviews and interview preps with CS faculty are offered by contacting Prof. Chu (

Career Counselors may also provide additional help by contacting the Rowan Office of Career Advancement(