BA C&I Advising Materials

BA C&I Advising Materials

Advising Materials for the BA in C&I - 0710

By design, the BA in Computing and Informatics has a large number of free electives. But, to turn a phrase from a popular superhero graphic novel, "great freedom carries with it great responsibility." It is important for all C&I majors to make sure that you are tailoring the BA degree such that you will graduate with strong areas of specialization. The links below will help you achieve the best possible C&I degree for you in an efficient and well-planned manner.

NOTE: Please visit your advisor regularly. Rowan's progress-tracking tools, such as Degreeworks, are not a replacement for advisor appointments. Do not self-advise as this may put your graduation date in jeopardy.

Program Guide

The formal BA Program Guide used by University Advising. This contains the requirements to fulfill the major.

CS Section Finder

Find CS courses that are being offered soon and are specific to your program.

Graphical Pre-req Guide

A graphical guide to the courses in the major, showing their pre-requisites.

Optional Concentrations

Customize your degree by adding a Concentration as a focus area which will appear on your transcript.

Final 3 Course Sequence

The final 3 courses of the degree need to be taken in sequence, here's why.

Standard Course Syllabi

A list of the standard course syllabi for our BS, BA, and MS programs.


Minor in Computer Science

Interested to get a glimpse of Computer Science?

Senior Privilege Registration

Form to allow the taking of a graduate-level course while in an undergraduate program.

Great Combinations

The BA degree was meant to be coupled with other great Rowan programs.

Changing your focus?

After exposure to CS, might C&I be a better option? If so, which CS courses can be counted?