BA Computer Systems Technology

BA Computer Systems Technology

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Systems Technology

The Bachelor of Arts in Computer Systems Technology is our newest degree. This degree is designed for students who are seeking flexible, applicable, industry-specific education that is paired with nationally recognized certifications and credentials, part of organizations in which additional education is beneficial and/or necessary for career advancement or seeking a smooth degree completion program through our
partner colleges and surrounding community colleges.

This degree will include various certifications and credentials. This will help students add more of a specialized emphasis as part of their elective coursework and preparation for their career and/or life goals.
Graduates will have knowledge and skills sufficient for them to sit for and pass certification exams in:

  •  Network technologies,
  •  Operating systems,
  •  Cybersecurity, and/or
  •  Database technologies

Please read this Advising Guide which describes the BA degree in depth and outlines

the course of study and some important pre-requisites

Check out our program guide to find what exactly is needed for the B.A.!


The curriculum for this degree consists of courses in Rowan Core, Rowan Experience, major requirements, electives, and non-program courses. As the major requirements largely consist of the completion of five Certificates of Undergraduate Studies (CUGS), this degree can be completed in a stackable manner, by completing individual CUGS and then applying those to the bachelor’s degree.

The CUGS offered under this degree are as follows:

Database Fundamentals Linux Systems Administration
Database Development Azure Fundamentals
Cybersecurity in Information Technology Network Fundamentals
Ethical Hacking Advanced Network Technology
Digital Forensics Management Information Systems
Intrusion Detection/Prevention Project Management
Operating Systems Fundamentals  

For more information on the CUGS related to this program, visit the CUGS for CST page here.

For more information on the certifications this program prepares its students for, visit the full list here.

What jobs will this program prepare its graduates for?

The range of technical careers is vast, and students could focus their degrees in certain areas by stacking with CUGS. Common positions for graduates of this course are below.

Computer Consultant Information Systems Admin PC Support Technician
Computer Operator Information Systems Technician Project Manager
Computer Repair Technician Info Technology Administrator Repair Technician
Computer Support Specialist Info Technology Analyst Service Desk Analyst
Computer Support Technician Info Technology Consultant Service Technician
Customer Service Trainer Info Technology Director Services Desk Technician
Database Administrator Info Technology Manager Systems Engineer
Desktop Engineer Info Technology Specialist Systems Support Specialist
Desktop Support Analyst  Info Technology Technician Technical Analyst
Desktop Support Consultant Info Tech/Support Technician Technical Consultant
Desktop Support Specialist Infrastructure Analyst Technical Specialist
Desktop Support Technician Installation Technician Technical Support Engineer
Field Service Technician Internship Tech Support Representative
Field Technician Lead Technician Tech Support Specialist
Help Desk Administrator Network Administrator Technical Support Technician
Help Desk Analyst Network Engineer Technician
Help Desk Specialist Network Support Technician Technician Support Tier
Information Security Analyst Network Technician Windows System Administrator

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