Spotlight on Computer Science Student Workers

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Spotlight on Computer Science Student Workers

Spotlight on CS Student Workers

The student’s hunt for job experience is a common struggle. Experience is vital in the modern market; it can elevate a resume from good to great, giving a potential employee a head start above their competition. The earlier a student can gain work experience, the better prepared (and more marketable) they’ll be post graduation. The Computer Science department offers paid on-campus jobs to students that help provide the experience and skills needed in the job market. Positions include the Computer Science Web Team developers, tutors, learning assistants, and staff for the CS Makerspace and Tech Longue. 

Computer Science Web Team

The Computer Science Web Team is a web development team dedicated to creating and maintaining websites within the Computer Science department, as well as the greater Science and Mathematics college. Student workers learn what it’s like to be on a software development team, preparing them to enter the dev room after college. The team has worked on multiple websites that are now, or will become integral to the Computer Science department and beyond. One of their premier projects the web team is currently working on is a new website for scheduling classes. The new site is a major tech upgrade, something only the Computer Science department has access to. Previously, scheduling was done via paper and pen, so the new website will be a major quality of life improvement. One of the previous Web Team projects is the Research website. The website archives research done by everyone in the College of Science and Mathematics. It’s an incredibly valuable service to students and faculty alike, as important data became easily accessible. The projects students create matter, and are seen and used by faculty and students on a regular basis. Student workers on the web team also work closely with members of the faculty. The team meets and leads meetings with faculty, collaborating on a regular basis on important projects, building relationships with professors outside of the classroom. Students learn coding skills ahead of what’s taught in class, getting a head start on their academics. Working on the web team also teaches students how to manage their time, send emails, collaborate with coworkers and superiors, fufill client requests, and learn office etiquette-- all critical skills for the workspace. Besides being a team member, incoming freshmen for the class of 2027 have the opportunity to become a web team lead.  “As the manager, I run our weekly meetings and coordinate tasks for each member, and broadly align our focus with that of the department administrator to make sure we’re working on tasks that have the correct priority,” Says Chris Lange, current web team manager. Becoming a leader at the web team can help give students leadership experience, another marketable skill for resumes. Positions for the web team open Spring 2023 for incoming freshmen. Emails will be sent out to eligible students when positions are available.

Learning Assistants

Another opportunity for students is becoming a learning assistant. Learning assistants work with professors as tutors for a specific subject. Learning assistants visit classrooms, acting as a guide for students for a certain subject. Learning assistants answer student questions, and provide help on projects. Learning assistants are also expected to run tutoring sessions, where students can meet with them outside of class. Learning assistants cultivate pre-existing communication and time management skills, important traits needed for future careers. “When the professor isn’t able to communicate with the students, and then you’re able to answer the student and lead them in the right direction– that’s a big benefit to [this job],” says Lukas Delouche, a learning assistant. “You get to become a part of [the student’s] career and success.

Computer Science Tutoring

Students can also become computer science tutors. Tutors help teach and guide students throughout their coursework. Tutors can work in the tutoring center in the Computer Science department, or within Savitz as a drop in tutor. Students list which classes they’re proficient in, with students seeking help able to pick the right tutor for their problems. “Tutoring helps keep my skills fresh,” says Holden Fellenger, student tutor. “It’s great to be able to help people, too.”

CS Makerspace Staff

The CS Maker Space offers students use of a 3-D printer, a robot arm, and a 3-D scanner. The job of Maker Space attendants is to make sure students use these resources responsibly. “I come in for my shift, and I get a lot of my own work done, and sit in here and wait for people to come in and use the room,” says Sidney Dunleavy, an attendant for the space. The job allows you to guide your peers through their projects, allowing you to see other things students in your major are working on.

Tech Lounge Staff

The Tech Lounge offers an easy meeting spot for CS students, along with a wide variety of resources. The lounge offers computers and monitors where students can hook up laptops, as well as a quiet space for students to work. Tech lounge staff monitor students and equipment, to make sure students are using the technology appropriately. “[The job] is very flexible, the department always says that your health and education comes first,” says Urja Jindal, a staff member at the tech lounge. Hirings typically occur when a student leaves the lounge, so be on the lookout. 

Jobs for students are accessible within the computer science college, and making use of them will help students develop skills for their future careers. Students make mistakes and learn from those mistakes in an environment that’s built for them to primarily learn. These positions make students much more advertisable to post-graduation employers, and that’s the greatest gift colleges can offer to their students. 

Written by Kiley Parker  |  Posted 2023.3.5