Cybersecurity Club Spotlight

Cybersecurity Club Spotlight

Cybersecurity Club Spotlight

Cybersecurity is an exciting new field of study in the world of computer science. This field of study mainly focuses on securing computers and computer networks against cyber attacks. Cybersecurity is extremely important in our modern, computer-centric society, and many people are eager to spread the word about it. Among those spreading the word, few people are more passionate than Rowan University’s Cybersecurity Club.

Cyber club & trojan horsesThe Cybersecurity Club is a club that is dedicated to getting more people interested in cybersecurity. The club is spearheaded by Joshua Figueroa (President) and Ian Manahan (Vice President). They want to encourage Rowan students to learn more about this emerging field. More often than not, learning a new subject can be pretty intimidating. Many people are afraid to take that first step into the unknown. Joshua, Ian, and the rest of the club are here to guide students and provide a warm welcome into the world of cybersecurity.

One of their most recent events was Rowan CTF (Capture the Flag). This was a huge, campus-wide competition in which students took part in cybersecurity challenges. In these challenges, students practiced fundamental skills and competed for points and prizes. The event had an impressive turnout, with over 50 people participating and over 300 views online. Overall, Joshua and Ian were very satisfied with the success of Rowan CTF, and hope that it can continue as a yearly event.

A cyber club meeting

When asked what he enjoyed most about the club, Joshua stated that he likes seeing people from different majors and different backgrounds taking an interest in cybersecurity. The club is really starting to grow and reach a lot more people. Ian agreed with this sentiment, and also added that he loves meeting new people through the club and getting to see their reactions to different skills and techniques in cybersecurity.

That’s all for now. If you’re interested in learning more about the Cybersecurity Club you can find them on ProfLink (which also has a link to their Discord server), or you can send an email to Joshua or Ian. If cybersecurity sounds interesting to you, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Written by Cole Goetz & Kiley Parker  |  Posted 2022.12.8