Jennifer Kay Faculty Spotlight

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Jennifer Kay Faculty Spotlight

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Jennifer Kay

Jennifer Kay, Professor of Computer Science (CS) in Rowan University’s College of Science and Mathematics, has been selected for the Class of 2022-2023 of Drexel University’s Executive Leadership in Academic Technology, Engineering and Science (ELATES) program and is also the recipient of a scholarship from the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) in support of her participation in the program. The ELATES program is a national leadership development program designed to promote women in academic STEM fields, and faculty allies of all genders, into institutional leadership roles.

The Class of 2022-2023 ELATES Fellows is a prestigious cohort of 30 faculty members from over 25 institutions of higher education across the U.S. and Canada. The ELATES Fellows include experts in computer science, engineering, mathematics, and science, all of whom have significant administrative experience on top of their scholarly accomplishments. Kay was nominated by senior leadership for this intensive, yearlong program, which includes eight to 10 hours per week of personal and leadership development work as well as three series of on-site work in the Philadelphia area.

Kay is an expert in Computer Science Education and has a long history of spearheading a wide variety of programs that have: introduced K-12 students to Computer Science, provided support and created community for Undergraduate and Graduate Women majoring in Computer Science, offered professional development to K-12 Teachers, and introduced Computer Science Faculty to Educational Robotics.

“I’m so excited to be an ELATES Fellow! We had the introductory on-site meeting last week and my head is already spinning with new ideas of how I can make an impact here at Rowan. I am honored and humbled to be a part of this group of amazing women and am grateful to my Dean, Vojislava Pophristic, for her mentoring and support, as well as to ASEE for their financial assistance,” Kay said.

Facilitated by leaders in the fields of STEM research and leadership development, the ELATES curriculum is focused on increasing Fellows’ personal and professional leadership effectiveness, from the ability to lead and manage change initiatives within institutions, to the use of strategic finance and resource management to enhance organizational missions. Pairing online instruction and discussion with intensive, in-person seminar sessions, the program encourages Fellows to apply what they’ve learned at their home institutions. Ultimately, it aims to create a network of exceptional faculty who bring broad organizational perspectives and deep personal capacity to the institutions and society they serve.

Sharon Walker, PhD, executive director of the ELATES program and dean of Drexel University’s College of Engineering, shares her excitement for welcoming the newest class of Fellows.

“I am thrilled to welcome this talented new cohort of ELATES fellows as they join the community of distinguished alumnae who are committed to lifelong learning and leadership development.  I am excited to see what impact they will not only have this year on their home campuses, but more broadly to the higher education STEM community in the future.”

  Posted 2022.10.27