Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Guimu Guo

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Guimu Guo

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Guimu Guo

Rowan University’s Computer Science Department is home to a lot of great faculty members. There are many professors and researchers here who are guiding CS students on the path towards success. One of the newest people to join this group is none other than Dr. Guimu Guo.

Dr. Guo is an assistant professor in the Computer Science Department, and he just joined the department this September. Before he came to Rowan, Dr. Guo received his Master’s degree in Computer Science from Tongji University in Shanghai, and later went on to earn his Ph.D. degree from the University of Alabama in Birmingham. He’s only been here for a few weeks, but he is already getting along very well with the other Computer Science staff. He is thankful to be surrounded by faculty members who are so kind and supportive.

Dr. Guo has a deep passion for Computer Science. He believes that Computer Science has the ability to change the way we live our lives, as well as the way we see the world around us. As technology evolves over the years, so do the problems that we face. With a strong understanding of Computer Science, you have the power to tackle these problems head on.

In his first couple weeks here at Rowan, Dr. Guo has already gotten heavily involved in research. His current area of focus is graph mining. Through the use of graph mining, it’s possible to analyze large sets of graph data to find patterns. One of the most prominent places where this is useful is in social networking, where there’s data about lots of different people and all of that data is intertwined and interconnected.

Dr. Guo’s research is particularly focused on the power distribution of graph mining. Graph mining can involve billions of individual nodes, which is very hard to handle by a serial program. When working with extremely complex data like that, it’s important to find ways to handle it efficiently. You want to handle data in clusters, where each server finds partial solutions that will eventually lead to the full solution. That is what Dr. Guo aims to accomplish.

His involvement in research doesn’t end there. Dr. Guo is also looking to open up a brand new course for undergraduate research. Oftentimes, students don’t get the chance to get involved in research until they’re in graduate school. Dr. Guo wants to change that. He wants Computer Science students to be able to get started as soon as possible. Through the undergraduate research course, students would learn how to do research, read through academic papers, prepare proposals, and acquire other skills that will prepare them for future research.

Now, the world of research may seem daunting at first. It can be rather challenging for beginners. However, if you have somebody mentoring you, it may not be so bad. That’s what makes this course so valuable. It helps students get their feet wet in the world of research much earlier than they normally would. That way, they can get a better idea of whether or not this is something they want to pursue in the future. Plus, regardless of what path you take in your career, knowing the fundamentals of scientific research is sure to be a valuable asset.

Dr. Guo is looking to open the course this semester, with a class size of about 3-5 students. That may seem like a small number, but that’s only because this course is still fresh. For future semesters, Dr. Guo expects the class to grow.

We hope this article helped you get to know Dr. Guimu Guo a little bit better. He may be new to the Rowan CS Department, but he’s already shown that he’s very talented and eager to help students expand their horizons. If you’re interested in getting involved in the undergraduate research course, be sure to reach out to Dr. Guimu Guo or Professor Jack Myers. They’d be happy to have you on board!

Written by Cole Goetz  |  Posted 2022.9.29