Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Computer Science is growing more important by the day. We rely so much on technology—especially computers—in our daily lives, and that technology is constantly evolving. Here in Rowan’s Computer Science Department, we have a wide variety of programs available to help you sharpen your skills in computer-related fields. Feel free to browse our programs, see what they’re about, and find one that’s the right match for you!
Use our helpful tools to compare programs, or browse individual programs for detailed descriptions of them.

Bachelor of Science - Computer Science

This program utilizes algorithms, data structures, software design, and computer architecture.

Bachelor of Arts - Computing and Informatics

This program offers more applied computer science and less math and computer science theory.

Bachelor of Arts - Computer Systems Technology

With undergraduate certificates, this program prepares students for different IT certifications.

Accelerated Dual Degree Program

CS students can earn a Masters degree in one extra year with one of our 5 ADDP Programs.

Masters of Science - Computer Science

Take Computer Science to the next level with a Masters degree.

Masters of Science - Data Science

Computer Science and Mathematics departments co-sponsor a Masters Degree in Data Science.

Masters of Science - Cybersecurity

Rowan offeres a Masters Degree in Cybersecuirty to defend your community against cyber attacks.

Minor - Computer Science

You have the option of choosing another major but taking Computer Science as a minor.

Minor - Data Science

Interested in big data, statistics, or data mining? Add a Data Science minor to your degree!

Undergraduate Certificates

Non-CS and C&I majors can earn an Undergraduate Certificate in various industrial technology fields.

Graduate Certificates

A Certificate of Graduate Study can be obtained independently or as part of an MS degree.